The Ten of Cups – A short story in rhyme

Young Rosie the barista went to work one Sunday morn.
Her head was blurred by last night’s beer, her heart it had been torn.
The guy she’d had her eye on, had chose some other girl.
He’d kissed her weak at midnight, made her heart twirl.

So Rosie, she had left the club, hopes curdled, wonky Cinderella.
Her dress now rags, her makeup slime, her hair far short of stellar.
As the clock struck midnight, no prince did give her chase,
Self pity, shame and foolishness, instead, laid her to waste.

“Don’t take your coat off!” her boss had said.
“The bin has been knocked down.
Go off and tidy coffee cups, they’re rolling on the ground.”

Poor Rosie thought that she would cry when she saw that felled bin.
Cups were leaking everywhere, she lifted one back in.
So she began what seemed to be, a never-ending job…..
She glanced at that first cup and saw that it was meant for Bob.

She held the name, she found the face: an older man she thought,
Probably a salesman, with a suit, rotund and short.
Rosie found she’d made a game to make her work go quick,
If she made each cup human, she might have quite a trip.

She grabbed the dead cups, one by one,
Looked for the name not drink,
Coffee choices they were dull, it was the names that made her think.

Next came Glen and Joe and Nick, blonde, wiry and windswept.
The thought of these fit surfer types, her heart now warmed it leapt!
With Ian and Josh and Graham, dark brooding men came forth,
Perhaps this was the type she’d need, the ones her heart now sought.

As felt tipped names on paper cups set her mind alight,
She guessed at the men yet come, the ones of future nights…
Maybe there could be a Max, a Jeremy or Harry?
Whichever, she now knew there would be one whose heart she’d carry.

So Rosie now felt well again,
The names had shown the way.
She knew her next love was not far, the cups had had their say.

I love Country Music because the songs tell a story. Like a good book, a good Country song, takes you to another place, another time, another person’s life – for around 3 minutes! Inspired by the lyrics of Country songs, I wrote The Ten of Cups in rhyme. Maybe one day someone will set it to music….. In the meantime, I’m writing, dreaming and listening to Bob Harris Country!