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February is all about Valentine’s Day. If you are single, you have two choices about how to tackle this Day of the Couples. You can to block the whole thing out. You can tut, you can scowl, you can roll your eyes, you can even try closing them. You can wallow in being shit bitter and feeling crappy because you are a single.

Or you can feel the love.

Feeling the love is what I intend to do this Valentine’s Day and I’m inviting other singles to do the same. We are going to share, embrace and feel love; and in doing so we won’t be feeling crappy, we’ll be feeling good!

This is how it will work: we are not going dwell on the fact that we don’t currently have partners. We’re going to excitedly anticipate the arrival of the wonderful One who is lurking on the horizon of our futures…

We’re not going to drag up memories of all the times we’ve been let down by exes. We are not going to regret the loss of “the ones that got away”. We are going to remember all the great times we’ve had in past relationships and use these to remind ourselves that because we’ve been there before, we will be there again.

I hope by immersing ourselves in expressions of love we’ll fill our heads with lovely daydreams of what awaits us and remind our hearts of how love feels. We’ll wrap ourselves in wellbeing so that even though our love is not here today and may not be here tomorrow either, this does not matter because ultimately it is all going to be alright. With or without a somebody, you are always loved. The world is full of love, you just need to tap into it so……

Don’t dwell on what is not yet here, dream of what will come.

Feel the love.

I wrote this post two years ago in 2015. Now, in 2017 as I revisit it, I’m no longer single. This year, I’m in the company of My Love .

I know you’ll find your love too.

More often than not
Mike was always beside her