Sea at Ferring

I can’t live without the sea.
I can’t believe anybody else can either,
And yet the beach is always mine.

Leave the ache of the road, the cloy of your centrally heated house.
Throw yourself onto the beach!
Spread your arms, raise your chin.
Let it caress.
Come back to your heart, to your soul, to your earth,
To your privileged place upon it.

Your beach is a meadow of infinite treasures extending from your feet.
Your seas will sigh and swell for you, roar and roll for you.
Your skies are true blue, silver, golden, clouds your view.

This place will silence every tribulation,
That doesn’t really matter, because it doesn’t really matter.
It doesn’t matter.
It’s your heaven on earth.
Any time.
Why wouldn’t you want to be reminded that the world is yours?
It waits for you.

And yet…