early morning runOne of the best things about the summer is early sunrises. With darkness banished from 4:50am, before work, exercise is possible and fabulous! Here’s why:

Triumph over guilt
Running before work turns exercise from a chore and the subject of much after work procrastination, into a triumph! When you’ve exercised when everyone else was asleep, you feel a little superhuman.  (And if you wake to find it’s stormy, you can roll back over guilt free knowing that you tried. It wasn’t your weakness but the weather that kept you in bed!)

Nature’s early morning delights
Early mornings are magical. If it’s clear, you are rewarded with radiant, dazzling sunrises or rare guest appearances of wildlife such as a winging solitary swan slicing through the sky towards its mate. In early spring, you might wake early to find a world glazed in frost. If you are lucky enough to take your run along the coastline, the site of a bejeweled beach is breathtaking. Once you’ve encountered some of nature’s early morning delights, the possibility of these rare and magnificent sights helps propel you, next time, from the chaos of last night’s dreams and from the fug of your sleep saturated room.

With nobody on the pavements and promenades, you haven’t got to slalom through families or swerve past dogs. You don’t need to hide your blushes from the fit bloke you’ve never ever seen before but who now decides to stride into your life when you are makeup free and sweating! When it’s early and deserted, you can huff and puff and exclaim your pain or jubilation as loudly as you like: smirking teenagers are demobbed and fast asleep.

People you meet in the morning, always say hello. That smile of recognition, that simple polite salutation identifies you as comrades. You are the ones brave enough to leave your homes before all others. You congratulate each other for defeating sleep to inhabit the wonderland that is the world before 6.30am.

You are movement
In the early morning, all is still and so you are the movement. Familiar streets when crowded and racing can be harsh but in the early morning, they now welcome you as their only ruler.

In the early morning, you rule the world.