Shoreham sunrise

I love running.  I like to get up early and run before work.  Here are a collection of recent tweets inspired by running along the shoreline between Worthing and Brighton at 6:00 am.

Run 1
Seagulls glide duck-like on a grey-green lake of sea,
Cotton wool clouds lower the ceiling of the sky and cry violet on the horizon.

Run 2
I ploughed through air laced with fragrance, warmed, as if the earth’s oven was left on low overnight.
The sea hummed.

Run 3
A dense graphite grey blue sea.
Only the final wave rebelliously shows its petticoats to a sun baked biscuit beach.

Run 4
Sun’s rays merge with sea steam.
Figures appear “Stars In Their Eyes” style.
The show’s about to begin.

Run 5
The deflating sea hisses.
In the blue corner: a defiant moon. Opposite, the challenger glows calm.
The temperature rises.

Run 6
Colour: muted.
Grey, runs into violet, turquoise.
A smudged sea steps back to let the sky cry its tears upon the land.

Run 7
Sea stirs and rumbles, its hands clap excitement.
As the sun shines all things bright, a crisp wind swipes the fug away.