trainersLike most writers, I write at home. I usually write, on top of my bed, dressed in my slobs, propped up with a couple of pillows. When I’m in the flow, I can write for hours this way. I forget where I am and become totally lost in my work….

Some days though it’s not that easy. Some days I’ve lain in bed so long I’m lethargic and can’t focus. Some days when I know I really should write but I just can’t be bothered, writing on my bed is a bad idea because pretty soon I’ll be dozing on my bed. When I have days like this, when I need to write but just can’t get going, it’s time to get off the bed and set myself up at the nearest desk or table. I set a timer for an hour and soothe myself into writing by telling myself that I only have to do it for a short time today (knowing that once I’ve started, I’ll soon be in the flow once more and the timer will become redundant). This works for me, especially and always if I make sure that once I get off the bed, I put my writing trainers on.

My writing trainers have a nice thick rubber sole so they lift me up and turn my shuffle into a stride. They encase my feet, stop them from getting cold, make my stance firm. When I sit in them, I either rest my feet flat and solid on the earth pulling energy up from it, or I cross my heels at the ankles and draw myself up tall. Without them, my feet would loll and I’d slump. They slap my lethargy away in the most comfortable way, sending alertness upwards from my toes to my fingers. They postpone the relaxed and rested state that bare feet or flip lops or slippers foster and give me the boost I need to crack on with it.

I imagine most writers work in casual clothes but when you need some alertness adding that one item of clothing to your attire that makes you sit a bit taller could help banish procrastination and increase your productivity.

I’d be lost without my writing trainers.

What’s your writing wardrobe essential?