….. when you are twisted up under the weight of the hefty duvet of that big script (reading, editing, rewriting, checking, reading, editing, rewriting…) composing something completely different and short (!) is an energy charged change which is as good as a rest.

…..through poetry and short story, I’m grappling to express something with as much clarity and beauty as I can. I revel in the challenge of trying to mould an idea, express it in the right form and find just the right words to make it sing!

…..it’s where I relive cherished memories from my past. It’s where I honour the ones that have impacted my life and filled it with love.

….it’s a release valve: a place where I can record those daily observations, those moments in time that should never be anything more.

…..I gain some feedback, mostly from my mum (that is not even a joke!)

…I’m compiling posts that I secretly hope will be published in an actual book, one day!

….it feeds my need to share.

I hope you’re enjoying what I’m sharing!

Love heart