Where your hair ended and your school blazer began, heart on beach
That flash of skin!
My first kiss.

In the mirror: Two!
My hand forever in yours.
My heart fizzing:
The first cut.

A perfect friendship.
A love we couldn’t live,
Until a stolen day in the sunshine,
When we found each other in the bottom of a can of warm cider.

The smell of secondhand sheepskin.
Pink Floyd’s poetry passed off as your own
And me too high to tell.
Our hill.
Boyish enthusiasm turned sour.

Your biceps.
Your certainty.
Your experience.

The safety of familiarity and smaller desires.
Concrete, copper piping and tea stained paper.
You couldn’t see red.

Your smile when your eyes caught mine through summertime crowds.
Camping and surfing and scaling hills.
Books and writing
And red wine in bed.

Vulnerability, tenderness.
All consuming need.
A ring on my finger.
A near miss.
A final, tender, kiss.

Your unconditional appreciation:
My joy.
My release.
My return.

So what’s next?