leavesSeptember has arrived and although the summer is still holding us in its sweaty grip, I know autumn is coming. The leaves are starting to turn, the breeze is picking up and there’s a feeling that things are shifting forward. It’s time for change and I’m ready for it.

The summer was spent writing a play and a lengthy application for a place on a course. I didn’t get a place. I was bitterly disappointed. A whole summer of focus on that one thing, wishing, hoping, trying to reassure myself that I could get it…….and now relief! Keeping your fingers crossed and chasing away demons is tiring. Now, there’s new possibilities. I can focus on other things, many things, new projects, new opportunities and as so many doors swing open, I feel free!

As I revisit projects abandoned for the summer, I’m thrilled and surprised by how good I think they are. Whatever anybody else thinks, I love my writing! I’m proud of what I’ve produced. It’s time to stop second guessing and just get it out there, in whatever way I can because what’s the alternative? Leave my scripts sleeping, buried 10 folders down in my laptop? (What’s the point of that? They’ll never find their audience there.)

Life is moving forward and the autumn winds have arrived to carry me forward too so I’m going with them: with gratitude and without fear.

I’m going forward fearlessly.

I hope you do too.

Be bold. Be brave. Follow the inspiration.

The future’s going to be amazing.

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Time for change: An update

The day after I published this post, I followed the inspiration and sought help with a writing project that had stalled. I began by emailing a director, I’d heard of but never met. I’d come across him whilst aimlessly wandering on the internet. He had published his email address on his blog and he sounded friendly. He replied almost immediately saying he couldn’t help but he knew someone who could….

Someone who could, introduced me to two online groups of people writing in the same genre as me. Someone who could also telephoned me. This wonderfully kind and generous person asked about my writing project and gave me advice and encouragement. She then hooked me up with a top director who agreed to provide dramaturgy for my script.

The top director, for the same fee I’d previously paid a junior script reader, not only read my script but gave me four hours of face to face dramaturgy. We dissected each scene and clarified almost every word to realise and communicate my intention for the work.

My script is now massively improved and I am totally exhilarated by working on it again. I’m now ready to find partners, secure rights, apply for funding and get it on its feet!

In conclusion:

I’ve learned more about the theatre making process during the past three months than I’ve ever learned.

I feel empowered and I feel excited about what’s still to come (and the disappointments of the summer are a distant memory.)

And so writers, I urge you: Don’t let the demons of doubt drag you down!

Go forward fearlessly.

Be bold. Be brave. And follow the inspiration.

Who knows where it will take you?