On the morning of Sunday 6th August, I’ll be in a light, bright meeting room nestled in the back of a museum in Birmingham. There will be tables and chairs and hot tea and steaming coffee and sweet baked treats. My laptop will be idling close by, the fridge will be minding the lunch and I will be smiling nervously, quite possibly pacing!  I will have set up my first writing retreat for Writers’ HQ in Birmingham and I’ll be waiting for the writers to arrive.

What is a writing retreat?
Quite simply a whole day of writing, otherwise known as bliss!

The writing happens in short and then increasingly longer bursts called sprints punctuated by stretches of legs, cups of something hot, a lively and fortifying lunch. And you can’t divert yourself with the internet because you don’t have the wifi password. You can, however, fuelled by caffeine and spurred on by the writers tapping or scribbling away next to you clock up a serious word count!

You can finally give those ideas that have been gnawing away at you or waiting patiently on your bedside notepad the attention they deserve.

You can start that story.

You can write the next scene of your play. (And the next and maybe the next one too!)

You can edit and improve.

You can catch up with the writing you abandoned too many times last month and you can get ahead again.

And you will feel great! And virtuous. And proud. And reinvigorated.

Well that’s how I felt when I walked out the Writers HQ retreats I’ve attended in past. And that’s how I hope the writers that attend my writing retreats will feel too.

I’ll also I hope they’ll have made some new friends, created some new connections and be inspired to keep creating and keep writing because it’s all about the words.

My words, your words, our words!

Come write with me?

You can book your place on the Writers HQ Birmingham Writers’ Retreat here.

Hope to see you soon x

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