She’d bought him his for his course notes and grabbed one for herself on a whim. Why not? You can never have enough notebooks.

And then a thing happened. It made her shun her laptop and consider leaving the words behind.

The waiting had overwhelmed her.

But then they, the words, they caught her up and shimmied into her mind. As his pages became filled with learning and diagrams, hers found the beginnings of a new story. And of course, in those blank pages, there was the invitation to write a little more, if she wanted.


No pressure.

She sensed a tingle of redemption in her stomach. She felt better. It was as if the words had come to soothe her.

She hadn’t expected that.

When you get stuck, why not use a notebook for a while? Here are the benefits:

There’s margins. You can easily make annotations next to what you are writing.

It’s easier to carry a notebook around with you. It’s easier to just get going on your writing in any spare moment, you just need a pen.

It’s satisfying. I love running my fingers over the marks I’ve made on the page. I can feel what I’ve written and there’s a lovely connection in that.

It looks impressive. Everything you think of and each part of the process is recorded in a notebook. You can scribble or cross it out but it retains its space on the page and all of your hard work is displayed. On a screen, you only see what is left after much deleting and replacing. It looks cleaner but there’s less.

Your laptop screen is a sleek, monochrome new build, your notebook: a cosy cluttered, lived in home?

Where do you want to write today?

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