When I started this blog, I was single and living in Brighton away from friends and family. I had only myself to organise and all the time in the world to write. I had time to contemplate and reflect and appreciate. Inspiration for blog posts came easily. The time I spent living in Brighton was a gift. It was time for me to reconnect with my writing and reconnect with myself….until it was time to come home.

Back in Birmingham I met my partner. He has four sons. My wonderful new family, my precious young nieces, lifelong friends surrounded me; my life was peopled again. As I spent more time with others and less time on my own, I felt as if the amount of time I had to write was diminished. I felt I had to prioritise. Blogging became frivolous and a waste of precious time. I dedicated all of the time I had to write to my playwriting and the blogging stopped. I’m not going to make a career out of my poetry, my musings on life, my attempts at flash fiction so what’s the point?

But I couldn’t take my blog down, I had put too much into it. Not sure what to do but knowing that a stagnant blog was an online no-no, I decided to keep the blog and make it private. I put all of my energies into writing my jukebox musical.

And then there was a small disaster. The band whose music I hoped to use withdrew their permission. Last summer I found myself having to begin writing lyrics (!) and I found inspiration for some of those lyrics in my blog posts! I started my musical when I was living in Brighton and it is borne out of all of the things I’ve learned and discovered over the last few years: most of those things I have blogged about. Phrases and ideas recorded in my poetry became lyrics; I realised that blogging hadn’t been a waste of time after all.

So I’m back. I’m still working on other things. I’m still working on that musical and also another play. I’m still juggling that with teaching to earn some money and learning to be part of new family. I’m spending time with my “old” family and meeting up with friends but I’m going to try to start to blog again. Because I’ve realised that all the little moments in time and discoveries that I record here are valuable. The little passages I post here have been edited and polished into something important. For the present, they help me interpret the world and forge a connection with those that read them. In the future, I might be grateful for their wisdom.


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