Karen Elizabeth Miller

Transforming my world into words



Karen 2017I was born in the late seventies, was a child of the eighties and a teenager in the nineties.

I find my sanctuary in nature, the kindness and quirkiness of my fellow human beings and the plays, films and music that they create. This is what I’m inspired to blog about and this is why I do it.

A bit more?
My writing career began with teenage poetry published in an anthology called Rage and Rebellion but it was this professional writing course that really got me going.

Since then, I’ve worked as a website editor and a freelance writer for the travel and education markets. I’ve also worked in film production and education.

I’ve lived in Cornwall, London and Brighton and am currently living and writing new adventures back by the canals in Birmingham.

I’m also a qualified primary school teacher and a retired baton twirler.

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